The Lyrics:

       Yann Derrien cesse de t'effrayer
        Ne suis ni diable ni malin non plus
        Je suis ta mère, ne peux te retenir
        A Sant Jakez j'avais promis d'aller

        Refrain :
        Long si long est le chemin qui mène à Compostelle
        Sept sortes de langages il te faudra parler
        Onze sortes de démons aux morsures mortelles
        Tu devras rencontrer avant d’y arriver

        Sur le chemin de son pèlerinage
        Trouve un grand chien aussi noir que l'enfer
        Yann Derrien, renonce à ton voyage
        Ou tu seras jeté au fond des mers


        Oh Sant Jakez, étoile de Galice
        Faites un miracle et je serai sauvé
        Aussitôt fut défait le maléfice
        A Compostelle il était arrivé


        Et les trois âmes il a délivré
        L’âme de son père
        L’âme de sa mère
        Et aussi sa propre âme   

    第一次听这首歌是差不多两年前了,也是偶然得到。听过之后简直超爱,震憾得不行。不过那时甚至不知道用的是什么语言。后来学了一点法语之后,可以肯定这是法语歌没错了,不过好像试过去搜一下歌词,但是也没结果。今天又一次听到,于是 终于又一次来了兴致。这次却运气好得很多,Google了第一页就找到歌词了。然后也知道了演唱者并非歌曲里写的Carlos Núñez,而是下面要介绍的Eimear Quinn。实际上Carlos Núñez也是一位著名的音乐家(是位男士,呵呵~~),而这首歌是因为出自他的一张音乐合辑(介绍如下)——

    2003 Album from Platinum-selling Spanish Musician Recognized as the New King of the Celts. Nunez's Virtuosity Inspired Billboard to Label Him the 'Jimi Hendrix of the Bagpipes' and BBC Radio Cites Him as 'One of the World's Most Exciting and Most Serious Musicians.' Nunez's Albums have Featured Guests Like Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder, Noa, the Waterboys, Supertramp, Luz Casal, Dulce Pontes, Madredeus and the Chieftains. His Previous Releases Brought Together Celtic Music with Flamenco, Spanish-latin Pop and Cuban Music. This Album is a Renewed Tribute to his Celtic Roots, in Particular to the Music of Breton, Embodied by Nunez' Characteristic Passion and Energy.

    而下面的这位就是这首歌的演唱者Eimear Quinn。从她的官网拿来了简介,更多的信息大家可以自己去看(官网

    Eimear Quinn has a great passion for singing. The 28-year-old Dubliner joined her first choir at the age of four and at fifteen she started formal vocal training at the college of music in Dublin.

    She quickly developed a passion for early music, a genre which perfectly suits the pure quality of her voice, and in 1995 joined the Celtic chamber choir Anúna (of Riverdance fame). She sang as one of their principal soloists for a year-and-a-half in cities all over Europe and recorded two albums with the group.

     It was while singing with Anúna in the glorious surroundings of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin that songwriter Brendan Graham spotted the unique and beautiful character of Eimear's voice - and thus changed the course of her career. He invited her to sing his composition `The Voice' as Ireland's entry to the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest and she went on to win by a huge margin. However, within days of her win, she turned her back on the opportunity to exploit the fame that the competition brings and returned to college to pursue her music degree at Maynooth University. Having completed her exams, Eimear then decided to defer her final year of college to pursue a solo career in contemporary music.

    Then the adventure began! New possibilities were presented to Eimear and she began to develop her own sound and identity by writing her own material. She has performed in Australia, America and all over Europe in major venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Sydney State Theatre and the Vorst National Brussels. Most recently, she appeared as a featured singer with Sir George Martin and his orchestra at the National Concert Hall alongside Jimmy MacCarthy, Sean Kean and Brian Kennedy. She has made many television appearances and even tried her hand at TV and radio presenting.

    This singer, with her haunting voice and ethereal beauty to match,.co-wrote her debut solo album, Through the Lens of a Tear, with Pól Brennan of Clannad fame. Based on one of the most famous love stories of Western literature, the Celtic legend of Tristan and Iseult, the album follows her only previous solo recording, the EP ŒWinter, Fire and Snow, which was released in 1996.

    Eimear divides her time between the Irish countryside - where she would eventually like to settle, and Dublin.

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