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Celt 凯尔特人
Brittany 布列塔尼(半岛)[法国西北部一地区]
Corsica 科西嘉(岛)[法国东南部省名] Corsican科西嘉人的
Basque 巴斯克语/人(的)
Catalonia 凯特罗那:西班牙东北部一地区,位于法国和地中海交界处, Catalonian ~语/人(的)
Flanders 佛兰德斯(中世纪欧洲一伯爵领地, 包括现比利时的东佛兰德省和西佛兰德省以及法国北部部分地区), Flemish ~语/人(的)
Alsace 阿尔萨斯(法国东北部一地名)
Burgundy 勃艮第(法国东南部地方的地名,该地产的红葡萄酒) Burgundian ~人
Provence 普罗旺斯(法国东南部一地区), Provencal ~人(注意发音-cal[-sa:l])
Parisian 巴黎人
Arc de Triomphe 凯旋门


There is a reason why France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. France has bestowed upon the world extraordinary cultural riches and culinary delights. Every region in this incredibly diverse nation offers the travelers something unique and authentic. So welcome to your ultimate guide to France.

France has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and is one of the largest yet least densely populated countries in Western Europe. It’s a proud country that wields great influence around the world. It’s a nation of diverse cultures and languages, including the Celt in Brittany town, the Basque and Catalonias in the south, the Flemish in Flanders, the German speakers of Alsace, the Burgundians, the Provencals and furiously independent Corsican, all ruled from one capital-- Paris. In this program, Christina Cheng lets the south of France get right up the nose. Ian gets rescued in the mountains of Corsicans, and I get that sinking feeling on the beaches of Brittany. “I’m losing all the feeling…in my leg.”

Paris has some of the most magnificent architecture on the planet. Under Napoleon’s rule the overcrowded lanes of Paris were demolished and replaced with ordered streets and geometrical avenues, parks and boulevards. This was to become the blueprint for future town planning all over the world.