haler - to haul in
hâler - to tan

illustre - illustrious, renowned
illustré - illustrated

infecte - (fem adjective) revolting, filthy, obnoxious
infecté - infected, contaminated

interne (adj) internal, inner; (noun) boarder, intern
interné - inmate (of a mental hospital), internee (politics)

jeune - (adjective) young
jeûne - fasting

juge - judge
jugé - past participle of juger (to judge)

la - (definite article) the; (direct object pronoun) her, it
là - (adverb) there

levé - survey; past participle of lever (to lift, raise)
lève - first and third person singular of lever (applies to many stem-changing verbs)

liquide - liquid
liquidé - past participle of liquider (to settle, pay; to liquidate, sell off; [inf] to finish off)

mais - (conjunction) but
maïs - corn

marche - walking, step, stair
marché - market; past participle of marcher (to walk, march; to work)

masse - mass
massé - past participle of masser (to assemble, mass, group)

mat - checkmate; (adjective) matte, dull
mât - mast, pole

mater - to subdue; (familiar) to ogle; to caulk; (familiar noun) mom, mum
mâter - to mast

mémé - (baby talk) granny
même - (adverb) same

meuble - piece of furniture
meublé - (adjective) furnished

modelé - contours, relief; past participle of modeler (to model, shape, style, mold)
modèle - model, design

mur - wall
mûr - (adjective) ripe