Generalities  总体概括
Des chaussures -  shoes(鞋子). Watch out for your pronunciation. There are 2 ss, which makes for a strong S sound. There is no Z sound in that word. Don't mistake that word with "une chaussette" = a sock( 短统袜). 要注意你们的发音哦,chaussure有两个s,不是发z的音哦,还是发s音。
Une semelle - a sole but also an insert.  鞋底,鞋垫
Un lacet - a lace  鞋带
Un talon - a heel  鞋跟
Le dessus de la chaussure - the top part of the shoe  鞋的上部
Le dessous de la chaussure - the bottom part of the shoe  鞋的下部
L'intérieur de la chaussure - the inside of the shoe  鞋内部
Un cordonnier is a shoe maker/repairman and he works at "une cordonnerie".   修鞋的皮匠,鞋匠
Shoes are usually "en cuir" (made of leather)(皮质), "en daim" (suede)(黄鹿;仿鹿皮), "en synthétique" (synthetic)(合成的), en toile (cloth)(布的).
Les Chaussures pour Femmes  女士鞋
Des chaussures à talons : high heel shoes. Not necessarily super high, but anything over one inch.  高跟鞋
Des escarpins - m - classic high heel shoes  薄底浅口皮鞋
Des chaussures plates : flat heel shoes.   平底鞋
Des ballerines - ballerinas   芭蕾舞鞋
Des chaussures à plateformes - platform shoes (think Lady Gaga)   松糕鞋
Un talon - a heel  鞋跟
Des talons hauts - high heels.  高跟
Des talons compensés : wedge shoes  坡跟鞋
Des mocassins -  loafers (for men and women)  无带低帮便鞋
Les mules -   open heel shoes, mules.  女高跟拖鞋
Les Bottes  长靴
Des bottes - boots. Watch out! this sounds like "hot", not "hoot". 长靴
Des bottines - ankle boots. We also call them "boots" with an English pronunciation.  低统鞋,高帮皮鞋
Des bottes à talons - high heel boots  高跟靴
Des Santiags - cowboy boots  牛仔靴
Des bottes de ski - ski boots  滑雪靴
Des après-ski - snow boots  冰鞋
Des bottes de pluie - rain boots  雨鞋
Des bottes en caoutchouc - rubber boots  橡胶鞋
Des bottes en cuir - leather boots  皮鞋
Les Chaussures de sport  运动鞋
Des baskets - f - usually referring to bulky sports shoes you'd wear to actually practice a sport, like runners. Say the final "t".     篮球鞋
Des tennis - tennis shoes, but more casual. Frenchmen wear them a lot (see page 2)  网球鞋
Des chaussures de randonnée - hiking boots  登山鞋
Des chaussures de cyclisme - bicycle shoes... actually just add the sport after "des chaussures de..." and you'll be fine.  骑行鞋
Plus de Chaussures  其他鞋类
Des sandales - sandals   凉鞋;便鞋
Des tongs - flip-flops    塑料平底人字拖鞋
Les nu-pieds - other way to say sandals or flip-flops (lit. naked foot)    薄底轻便凉鞋
Des sabots - m - clogs    木鞋, (橡胶)套鞋
And of course, the famous French "Espadrilles" - f - cloth shoes with straw soles.    绳底帆布鞋