Describing Place


French English
une ambiance atmosphere                              气氛
un appart(ement) apartment (flat)                         公寓
le boucan racket, row                                吵闹
la bouffe meal, grub (nosh)                      一顿饭
la chierie* something really tedious           讨厌的事情
chier: On s'est fait chier.* We were bored out of our minds.     放空
crade filthy                                                  肮脏的
dégoter to find                                                找到  
dégueu(lasse)* disgusting                                         令人厌恶的 
en chier* to bust a gut                                     拼命地干活
fourré hanging out (holed up)                     去某处
partante ready and willing, up for it                 准备好了的
passer bien to be well suited                                顺利通过 
rapidos quick                                                  快速的
se concocter to concoct, to hatch (a plan)              编造
se payer un coup to go for a drink                                 去喝一杯
se ramener get together                                       归结于
tape-à-l'oeil tacky                                                  花哨的
lourder to kick out                                           赶某人出去
Cassos. Let's go.                                             出发
s’empiffrer to stuff your face                                 滥吃
tenter le coup to try your luck                                    尝试
hyper-bondé packed full                                          挤满的