In French, adjectives normally have to agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number. However, there are numerous adjectives which don't agree - they have a single form that does not change to reflect the gender or number of the noun. These are called invariable adjectives.French adjectives borrowed from other languages are usually invariable:  ad hoc     ad hoca priori     a prioriantitrust     anti-trustbaby     babybeat     beatnikcantilever     cantilevercharter     chartercheap     cheap (poor quality)clean     cleancool     coolcurriculum vitae     curriculum vitae, résumédance     related to dance musicdesign     designerdestroy     destroyed, trashed, wildexpress     related to espressofahrenheit     Fahrenheitfree-lance     freelancefun     funfunky     funkfurax     furiousglamour     glamorousgold     gold(en)gore     gorygratis     freegroggy     groggyhalal     halal (in accordance with shari'a principles)hi-fi     hi-fihigh-tech     high-techhot     hot (jazz)kascher     kosher (in accordance with Judaic principles)kitsch     kitschindoor     indoorinuit     Inuitjazzy     jazz, related to jazzkif-kif     same, identicalkitsch     kitschlambda     averge, typicallight     light, low in caloriesmarengo     Marengooffset     offsetoffshore     offshoreout     out of touch, (tennis) outpeople     celebritypop     pop (music, art)pro forma     pro formapunk     punkrecord     recordrelax     relaxed, informal, laid backrevolving     revolvingselect     select, high-class, poshsexy     sexysnob     snobby, snobbishsolo     solosoul     soul (music)sport     casual, athletic (clothes, shoes)spot     (economics) spotstandard     standardstand-by     stand-bysterling     (pound) sterlingtango     bright orangetop     great, besttrash     trashy, base, tastelessvaudou     voodoovidéo     videowaterproof     waterproofzen     Zen